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We are a team of leaders who operate under different missions, where dedication, focus, and creativity are
embedded into every task we perform, accompanying the client hand-in-hand from planning to delivery
and deployment of their exquisite products.


About Gateway

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Our Story

Innovation Starts With Dream And Plan

We believe that reaching your full innovative potential at Gateway requires hard work, dedication, and imagination. We worked our way up to be one of the most renowned companies in Kurdistan, yet our ambition knows no boundaries, for we are on the horizon to be a nationally and internationally recognized conglomerate on the tech scene.

Our Mission

Customer Success Is Our Mission

To design a solution that genuinely accommodates customer desires, we participate in all our customers’ endeavors from day one. Therefore, planning, designing, and creating the solution that establishes our clients’ success is a mission we make every effort to accomplish.


Our Vision

We Work For The Future

We live in a world full of innovations, where every creation we build brings us one step closer to realizing a better, more enthusiastic future. One of the products we offer here at Gateway is employing state-of-the-art technology to reduce the CAPEX / OPEX costs of purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading vendor-specific routers by replacing them with NIBIRU.

Our Goal

We Want To Serve You In The Best Way

Customer service is the central pillar of our core competitive values, and putting people first is our priority. To do something well, we need to do it with love, and we love to serve our customers.


Our Principles

What’s Different
With Us 😊


Save business operations costs

We keep up with the latest trends, practices, and methodologies emerging on the tech scene and settle for nothing less than feasible yet high-tech solutions.


Full spectrum of

Whether there is software to be developed or a Datacenter to be built, and an ISP network to be deployed, our provided services or team capabilities know no limit.


High Technology

We keep up with the latest trends, practices, and methodologies emerging on the tech scene and settle for nothing less than feasible yet high-tech solutions.


We don’t outsource work to others

Contrary to many companies on the market, we handle all of our work in-house to preserve authenticity and open a direct, two-way communication channel.

Our Core Values

The Benefits That Will
Ensure Your Comfort

Close IT Resourcing

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Save Business
Operations Costs

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Adopt Digital

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Our Leaders

Meet Our Professional
Team Leaders


Ismail Abdullatif

CEO & Founder


Hatim Mohammed

Senior HR/ Admin Officer


Aland Abdulrahman

Project Manager


Kamaran Faraj

Implementation Director


Ahmed Mehdi

Technical Director

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