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Managing IP/MPLS and Optics network to meet client requirements from a Wholesale/ Corporate perspective, enhance service availability, keep the network up to date with new features that help to grow the business.

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Managing services

Managing IP Core and Optics network to meet Newroz Telecom requirements from a Wholesale perspective, enhance service availability, keep the network up to date with new features that help to grow the business, we are hiring a large and high skilled team responsible for the management and maintenance of businesses infrastructures imposes high costs comparing to outsourcing the operational IT tasks to a specialized company, we handle all tech aspects with great care and attentiveness to details to relieve our customers of the pressure such tasks entail.

Gateway Company manages and optimizes telecom network and operations with highly industrialized processes. We create value and business differentiation by taking a holistic approach that covers all aspects of our customers’ businesses. We offer Managed Services as an option for our clients:


Installation, Commissioning,
and integration


Network expansion as end-to-end


Planning, Operation And Optimization For IP/MPLS And Optics Network


Cloud and on-prem computing, Data Center

How we Work -In General-

Get Started With
6 Simple Steps



The first step in achieving state-of-the-art, innovative products and accomplishing breakthroughs with our clients is a task we strive to achieve by understanding the solutions’ features and analyzing our clients’ requirements.



Every great project starts with a great plan, and our team takes the planning phase to a whole new level. Gateway keeps up with the latest project management methodologies and platforms to ensure that our clients are kept in the loop at all stages of development.



Designing a system requires experience, imagination, and a detail-oriented team to deliver an innovative and efficient solution.



After determining the applicability of your requirements, we get right on bringing your most daring visions to life.



Continuous and rigorous testing of functions to ensure the wellbeing of our products is a fundamental rule of Gateway’s practices.



The products we develop are the result of our innovative effort; For that we perform regular maintenance to guarantee the tasks our products perform run slickly and uninterruptedly all the time.

Our Principles

The Benefits That Will
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Quality Control At
All Levels

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


Responsive Design
As A Foundation

Users of the MENA region tend to use a wide range of hardware devices, and it is our rule of thumb to have all products developed to function on a variety of different tools with high responsiveness, depending on the size of the screen and operating systems. Implementing the latter allows users to take advantage of our web solutions that are scaled automatically to their screens to enjoy the experience fully.


Sustainable Quality

Keeping sustainability in mind, we ensure that the solutions we deliver are of high quality and low maintenance costs, so we plan, secure, control, and improve our solutions to suit the essential stakeholders’ needs.


Reliability, Safety,

Not compromising the processed, unprocessed, cold, and hot data provided by the clients is an essential practice within our enterprise to guarantee reliability and safety meticulously.

“Working with our creative team of developers and engineers will ensure the success you crave,
To truly reach your expectations”